Workshop Tactics® by Pip Deck - The Tarot Cards of a Facilitator

Workshop Tactics® by Pip Deck - The Tarot Cards of a Facilitator
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As someone who regularly conducts workshops, I'm always on the lookout for tools and resources that can enhance the process and make it more productive. That's why I was excited to come across Pip Deck's collection of cards designed for various applications.

I took a closer look at the "Workshop Tactics®" cards that are available for free on their website. I found that these cards can be a valuable addition to any workshop facilitator's toolbox. They are well described, self-explanatory, and even come with templates for implementation.

Workshop Tactics | Pip Decks
A card deck of workshop recipes that help you lead your product team to design better products, together.

After experimenting with these cards, I've assembled a workshop that I'm happy to share with subscribers. It's called "Operation Thunderstorm" and its purpose is to take participants through the process of thoroughly solving a problem by generating numerous ideas and then refining and evaluating them.

The workshop structure, sub-goals, and card illustrations are all included in the appendix, and I relied heavily on the templates provided by Pip Deck.

Overall, I believe these cards can enrich any workshop and turn it into a methodological-didactic firework. They are easy to use and adaptable to different contexts, making them an excellent resource for anyone who wants to facilitate productive and engaging workshops.

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Operation - Thunderstrike

Scope and goal of the Workshop: The process of thoroughly solving a problem involves generating numerous ideas and then refining and evaluating them.

This exercise guides you through the stages of idea generation, making the prospect of starting from scratch less daunting for your group. Ultimately, it culminates in a concise inventory of well-articulated ideas that have been rigorously evaluated to ensure their sustainability.

Duration: 4 hours


The How-To and templates can be found on the linked pages.

Step 1: Setting a goal

Workshop Tactic - Newspaper Headline[1] (30 min)


By imagining what the media might highlight on their front page about the company or project, this strategy gets individuals thinking about the future.

Enabling all team members to envision what lies ahead reveals the true goals of the organization. From these projections, one can begin to identify the challenges that need to be addressed and the direction in which progress must be made.

Step 2: Unleash the imagination

Workshop Tactic - Mind Map[2] (30 min)


This technique transforms disordered thoughts into an interconnected map, providing an excellent foundation for idea generation.

Generating a comprehensive list of ideas can be a challenging task. However, starting with a single idea and allowing ideas to sprout in different directions can lead to unforeseen and novel possibilities. This exercise is an ideal way to stimulate the creative faculties of all participants and provides a fascinating insight into different ways of thinking.

Step 3: Generate ideas

Workshop Tactic - Crazy Eights[3] (30 min)


This technique produces a wealth of ideas in a short period of time-eight wild concepts in just eight minutes!

Sometimes our minds need structure and guidelines to be truly innovative. By limiting space and time, but indicating that there are no limits, this strategy stimulates the rapid generation of ideas. Contrary to its description, it is not as difficult as it seems.

Creating a mind map beforehand can simplify the process of executing this technique.

Step 4: Facilitate solutions

Workshop Tactic - T-Bar Format[4] (30 min)


This workshop approach helps you transform your concepts into a self-explanatory format.

Well-defined ideas that conform to a standardized structure are easier to understand and compare when collaborating with others. In addition, this approach encourages elaboration and refinement of an idea by adding details and features.

Step 5: Evaluating proposals

Workshop Tactic - Rose, Thorn, Bud[5] (30 min)


This technique provides a comprehensive assessment of an idea, project, or process, highlighting its strengths (roses), weaknesses (thorns), and potential opportunities (buds).
Conducting an evaluation as a team can uncover the aspects of the idea that are most appealing, areas that may need improvement, and strategies for improving the idea.

Step 6: Decision on the most promising proposal

Workshop Tactic - Impact Effort Map[6] (30 mins - 1 hour)


This strategy helps you categorize ideas according to their level of effort and impact on achieving your goal.
By refining your ideas, you can focus on the most feasible and beneficial initiatives to pursue.

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