SAFe - The Art of the Right Suit

SAFe - The Art of the Right Suit
Photo by Bundo Kim / Unsplash

Agile has arrived in many organizations and is seen as a way to improve work processes and results. But just how agile is SAFe? The question of the framework's usefulness and effectiveness is debated and controversial by many. Some see it as the death of agile cultures in organizations, while others see it as a silver bullet to meet the demands of modern work culture. But as is often the case, the truth is probably somewhere in between.

SAFe, in my opinion, does not violate the principles that the Agile Manifesto describes as its foundation. However, it is important to understand that SAFe is a framework, not a dogma. Like any suit, it needs to be tailored to fit the occasion and the needs of the wearer.

Fortunately, SAFe is able to create a learning environment within the organization where learning experiences can be implemented. It is a dynamic framework that continually improves and incorporates experience into the framework. Therefore, the recent updates to 6.0, which include a greater focus on flow and a revision of the core values, are welcome.

As with the suit, care must be taken to apply SAFe correctly. It is a process-oriented framework that can lead to an agile waterfall. Therefore, it is important to understand that SAFe is not a one-size-fits-all approach and can be overdressed in some situations. It requires customization and an understanding of why you want to use this framework.

Like a suit, it is rare that SAFe fits perfectly off the rack. There is no "one size fits all". That is why I recommend bringing in an experienced tailor who understands the craft. In terms of SAFe, this means that it is important to have an experienced coach who understands the framework and is able to tailor it to the needs of the organization.

In conclusion, SAFe can be a useful framework if it is adapted to fit the occasion and needs. It is not a panacea, but a tool that can help create more agile work processes.

In summary, the upcoming changes in version 6.0 present an exciting opportunity for reflection and learning. As we take a closer look at these changes in the coming weeks, we can gain a deeper understanding of the new features and enhancements that will be available. By shedding light on these changes, we can ensure that we are well-equipped to take advantage of the latest advancements. With the right approach, the changes in version 6.0 can help us improve our work and achieve even greater success in the future.