My Default Apps in 2023

My Default Apps in 2023

In September there were some career changes that took me away from the blogging routine for a while. But here I am again, ready to fill this space with new thoughts and ideas.

The last few months have been a journey. Amidst the challenges and opportunities of my professional role as a Release Train Engineer, I often thought about this blog. It's been like a soft murmur in the background, reminding me that there's a space full of possibilities waiting for me. And now it feels great to be back, ready to share my experiences and thoughts with you all.

Recently, I came across an interesting blogging trend that immediately caught my eye. Inspired by Matt Birchler's blog post, I would like to share my list of apps that enrich my daily life.

Apps that enrich my daily life:

These apps have proven to be invaluable helpers in my daily life in 2023. Both professionally and personally. I hope they offer you interesting suggestions or ideas as well.